Business Installations Copper & Fibre

With a trusted fully vetted security cleared work force we have operatives working in thousands of business premises and customer unmanned facilities across the country every day of the year, we have an excellent record with our clients working unaccompanied or unsupervised we can be trusted to install internal cable, drill walls run cables through false ceilings or in dry riser shafts run cable under false floors in exchanges and comms rooms, carry out clip rounds on the outside of buildings ensuring that cables are hidden and do not compromise the external looks of the structure.

We have a dedicated fully accredited security cleared engineering resource that carries out Cct installation and commissioning over both copper and fibre networks including Q931, DASS, 2mb, 10mb, 100mb, 1GB and 10GB Ccts, we use a multitude of commissioning equipment including Exfo FTB 860, JDSU, Sunrise 2/10/100mb, CMA 3000/5000, We can install and commission any Cct needs you have. PDH and SDH we have skilled engineers to carry out DDF unbundling and build and work on fibre ODF’s on a daily basis

We install and commission over 3000 digital Cct’s annually.