Quality Statement

FKS (UK) Limited are committed to providing the highest standard of service within the UK telecommunications industry and intend to maintain their position as a leading contracting organisation by continuing to provide client satisfaction and to generate further business opportunities through operating in a safe, efficient, and profitable manner.

The Directors of FKS (UK) Limited are committed to operating a Quality Management System throughout the organisation which is designed to ensure that the services provided to our customers consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Close working relationships are developed with our customers to ensure that their needs are fully understood and areas for improvement are identified and actioned.

Through Management Reviews of the Quality System and analysis of performance information the organisation sets and monitors Quality Objectives for our employees which are measured and used to develop continual improvement of the services provided to our customers.

It is the Policy of the Company to provide services of a consistently high quality to our customers and to establish objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer and legal requirements.

To find out more information on our Quality Policy Statement Click Here to download our PDF Document.